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How To Measure Your Dog

Using a tape measure, measure your dogs chest which is the area directly behind your dogs front legs.

When sizing for a vest, sweater or t-shirt for your dog, the most important thing to measure is the widest part of your dogs chest.


When choosing a size from our guide take this into account and remember you want to leave a little room for extra comfort.  Do not go too big as your dog will slip out of the garment.

Please refer to product size charts which is displayed within the image gallery (last image) on each product page.

Please note, dog clothing sizes are not universal size like human sizes, therefore different products will have different size charts even if they are the same style product, i.e hoodie.  Please ensure that you check each size chart for each product to ensure correct sizing.

If you require help with sizing for your dog, please feel free to contact us at as we are always happy to help.

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