The 1st & ORIGINAL Rock Dog Clothing Brand

My Bambi is a badass Chihuahua with a Rock 'n' Roll heart that beats for Heavy Metal.


Never a truer statement to describe my dog.


This little Riot Grrrl believes that she owns me, the park and anyone else she comes across.


As a lover of Rock and Metal music, my style and personality matched with Bambi perfectly. It's as if she was destined to be my dog.


Bambi inspired me to create Rock Dog, a company that provides you with the coolest and highest quality dog clothing of all our favourite bands, along with punk & gothic trends.

We design and handcraft all of our bespoke products at our design studio in London, England.

We design our own exclusive graphics for our products. All of our designs are protected under intellectual property so you can rest assure when you purchase an item handcrafted by Rock Dog, you have a unique design that cannot be legally reproduced or  purchased anywhere else.


We also import and stock some of our favourite brands from around the world.

As a solitary practitioner, bringing our own style to life with Rock Dog has been a dream and we have started working on our gothic and witchy collection.

Not strange and unusual like us?


Never fear, we will still have something for you with our cool dog clothing trends that will have your dog looking and feeling like a Rock Star.

Here at Rock Dog, you are all family, no matter what your style is.


Get your dog geared up and join Bambi in the mosh pit.

Chihuahua wearing Rock Dogs Metallica dog t-shirt Master Of Puppets.

Welcome to Rock Dog Clothing!

Bambi The Boss

Bambi is the inspiration behind Rock Dog. And a complete bossy boots.

Cece The Designer

Always coming up with creative ideas for new designs.

Jagger The Assistant

Jagger is the newest member of our family & Bambi's annoying little brother.

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